'Get to know her' series launch with Liv Crumpton - Nutritionist

Meet Liv - chances are she is a familiar face as she is a regular guest to the studio! We are so blessed that Liv has been our FWB Nutritionist since Day 1 of our studio opening in 2019. Liv quickly became part of the Sculpt Barre & Pilates family and has since supported many ladies in our community (including me) nourish and thrive from the inside out.

1. Tell us about your day job:

I can proudly say I absolutely love my job, however my journey to becoming a nutritionist was a long one and was not at all fluid. I changed my career after the loss of my parents, it was a huge leap, and there were certainly times throughout my studies that I very nearly gave it in and went back to what felt safe & secure… Fast forward to now… I am fortunate to be able to help people daily, and this is exactly why I wanted to be here. Without sounding corny, I sincerely love people… and bettering someone’s life is my absolute dream. I am so glad I pushed through and made it here! Whoever tells you to not make big changes during times of grief, I say do what brings light into your life, even if it is a massive leap!

2. What did you make for breakfast today?

Today I woke up so ridiculously starving, so I had a smoothie before going for a run. I get really frustrated when I can’t maximise my workout from simply not listening to my appetite. It’s also worth noting that the benefits for muscle development and endurance is immense and conversation is worth having but I’ll save that for another time. When I got home, I had an omelette, it was delish! Oh and I had the token coffee after my run… best part of my morning.


½ frozen kiwi fruit (skin on)

1/3 frozen banana

1 frozen pear cheek, handful of frozen spinach

¼ avo, a few mint leaves

Grated ginger

Coconut milk


3 eggs

Finely chopped mushrooms

Smoked salmon chopped

1 tbsp. goat’s cheese

Chopped chives.

I also had a huge glass of water with lemon.

3. What’s your fave soul nourishing health and wellness thing to do in your spare time (when not in lockdown)?

Sunrise run, sunrise swim, sunset walk and of course cooking …luckily these all translate into lockdown.

4. What in your life gives you the most energy?

My morning routine… food and fitness are so key for my total health and energy. I strongly believe you need to use energy to create energy. My clients also give me the most incredible vigour, yet on the other hand alone time is really important to rebuild my vitality.

5. Fave place to eat or drink in the Northern Beaches and what do you order when you arrive?

You can’t ask a foodie that! I really don’t have a favourite, I love variety and trying new dishes… Discovering new foods and places brings me joy. I honestly cannot pick and depends on the vibe.

Romantic: Sake W/ sake and all the delicious foods

Girly lunch: The Pavilion with oysters & shared plates w/ a traditional martini and/or prosecco

Lunch date: Ora/The Cook Room. Anything and everything

Dinner with friends’ w/ children: Daniel San...there is something for every age.

6. Last country you visited outside of Australia?

France for my dearest friend’s wedding. It was a large group holiday with long-time friends…IT.WAS.INSANE!! Every day, every meal, every swim, every drink was pure paradise. My cheeks were sore from all the laughs…it feels surreal given the 18 months since this time, and we (the group) are so fortunate we squeezed this in before the world unravelled.

7. All time, must-read book / audible recommendation?

I’m a massive book geek. I love the traditional paper kind. I find it so special and therapeutic, as opposed to looking at a screen version or listening. Here’s my current top 5 (no particular order)

  1. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

  2. The Nowhere Child by Christian White

  3. I’ll Be Gone in The Dark by Michelle McNamara

  4. Honeybee by Craig Silver

  5. How we Know We’re Doing It Right by Pandora Sykes

In saying that Green Lights by Matthew McConaughey via Audible is a must cause he/his voice is Sexy AF!

8. Most used emoji? I just looked through my messages: It’s a close ‘tri’ between the martini glass, the poo and the laughing with tears face! …. OMG Cacking! Think this question tells a story… life snapshot much?!

9. You have to sing karaoke, what song do you belt out? Oh gosh, that question is taking me back. I don’t think I’ve done karaoke since circa early 2000’s. That might wig out a few readers who were fresh out the womb at this time. LOL. Ummm, OK I recall Brittany Spears, ‘I’m a Slave for You’… I’m not a sexy singer or dancer so you can only imagine the train wreck I was.

10. Are you a good dancer?

I used to be, in my childhood/teens. It was my passion. I was great at it (gotta own the things you’ve achieved in life). I then injured my feet (ballet dancer), tore my ACL (Jazz), and then burnt myself out and just gave it all in. I am a walking injury to this day, but I loved every minute of it at the time, it was my life and many of my friends are from this time. It was a very special time. Some of my fondest memories with my mum are also from this time. We had the best girl posse!

11. Fave time of the day...sunrise, sunset, daylight, nighttime?

Depends really. Sunrise for breath, space and coffee. Sunset for reflection, deep podcast listening and a sneaky drink on the weekends. Funnily enough, the love of sunrise comes from my dad, and the love of sunset from my mum.

12. If you could choose two famous people to have dinner with who would they be?

Amy Schumer and Rachel Zo… cause the world can get so heavy so my ideal dinner convo avoids deep conversation, controversy and anything slightly related to work (which is hard when you work in the ‘health/wellbeing sector’. Just some funny chit chat, a good storyteller and some fashion tips thanks!

13. Cat person or dog person?

I love all animals, but I am obsessed with dogs. My dogs have become my children, they have filled a whole my husband and I haven’t been able to fill. II have spoilt them rotten, they can be little CUNextTuesdays… but they are love me, & I them, whole heartedly. If I could have any wish in life it would be that could talk and grow old with me. Yep, that makes me sound total stage 5 clinger…and yes, I kiss them… you would too if you saw them, they are Fricken cute! (biased obvs)

14. What was your first job?

General Pants Sales assistant at 14 and nine months… I was desperate for cash and independence. I then also worked at the Eater Show selling belts and leather goods for some friends who have now grown a successful fashion business Estilo Emporio…Boss babes!

15.Best piece of advice you've ever been given?

2 things from my dad in his last days encouraging me to change my path: ‘You will never look back wishing you had of worked more’. & ‘If you don’t have children you can still live a full life’. Both, so very true x

Sculpt members can enjoy a special FWB discount on your initial consultation with Liv. Connect with Liv by visiting to find out more!

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