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8 reasons to eat seasonal

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

This week we have a special guest post from renowned nutritionist and dietetic clinician, Liv Crumpton sharing the 8 reasons to eat seasonal foods. Enjoy!

1. Flavour

Produce that has been allowed to fully ripen in the sun really does taste so much more amazing. Freshly picked means crisp, fragrant, juicy and colourful produce.

2. Nutrition

Plants get their nourishment from the sun and soil. Seasonally fresh produce is picked on ripe and fully developed with a higher content of antioxidants.

3. Economy

Supply and demand - When produce is in bloom and abundance the cost naturally drops down.

4. Environment

Seasonal produce can grow without an extensive need for added assistance i.e. pesticides and genetic modification, so by choosing seasonal you are more likely to be consuming cleaner produce. It’s important to know that many small farms cannot afford to go through organic certification but still follow very natural and healthy growing practices, so keep this in mind when you are the markets.

Don’t feel you should go straight to organic, and if you want to know more don’t be afraid to ask! The stall holders love the conversation after all.

Further to pesticides, reducing the environmental load also naturally occurs as seasonal produce is more likely to be local, which reduces the need for transport and storage.

5. Community

Getting to know where your food is coming from, who is growing your food and how they do it also makes you feel more connected to the whole process, giving you a deeper level of appreciation behind your food and prepared meals.

Farmer's markets create communities around food that encourage us to engage with stall holders, ask questions and share our knowledge.

6. Home Cooking

By visiting the farmers market or family run stores, you will naturally be motivated to cook more. By doing this you are organically choosing what goes into your body therefor constantly making better health choices.

Cooking is also a great family/house hold activity. So much better than sitting on the couch and ordering food from an app right! …Well 95% of the time anyway ;)

7. Creativity and Variety

Eating seasonal keeps challenging your inner chief to come up with new and delicious dishes based on the produce you have. Variety is also essential for our physical and mental health; by changing our menu according to what’s available you are naturally providing a wider scope of nutrients and are also less likely to develop food intolerances.

8. Support of Your Seasonal Needs & living in harmony

The natural environmental cycle of produce is designed to organically support human health. For example, In the spring the abundance of leafy greens helps us alkalize, detox and loose some extra pounds after a long winter of heavier foods. By eating seasonal we are naturally in tune with our surroundings giving us a more harmonious relationship with our environment.

Liv Crumpton is an accredited Nutritionist. You can check out her website here:

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