Our classes offer a balanced and varied full body program. We recommend 3 – 5 classes per week, depending on your personal goals.


45 minutes

Our unique and fresh blend of Modern and Classical Mat Pilates provides a challenging and full body workout. Focussing on form and breath, we will strengthen and sculpt the body. This class supports alignment, mobility and stability. 


With a hands on instructor who happens to be a professional female physio will guide and support you. You will leave feeling stronger and connected to your centre, your body.

This class is great for injury rehabilitation as well as postnatal clients.

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45 minutes

Recommended for new members. This class is an express Barre class with a longer cool down / stretch to leave you feeling calm and re-energised.


You will receive a hands-on approach to corrections and posture alignment and enjoy more detailed explanation of the movements and technical cues from your instructor. 


40 minutes

Athletic Pilates is our high intensity interval pilates class created with what the woman's body needs in mind. Providing safe cardiovascular movement (no joint jolting moves or heavy weights thrown around in here)  this is our express class incorporating hand weights, sliding discs, booty bands, ankle weights to get that heart rate elevated whilst you sweat and sculpt.

A full body,  high-intensity class programmed for those who want to feel a deeper burn and get a bit... warmer. 

Don’t forget to bring your towel and water!

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50 minutes

Our Mums and Bubs classes are in the studio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.30am with max 7 Mums and Bubs in each class so we can give you all the Mama love you deserve. Our classes provide a specialist focus on pelvic floor strength and core stability in our Barre + Pilates infused clasees.

These classes have been designed so that you can bring along your little ray of sunshine with you to the studio. Please just bring your bubs’ blanket / mat and favourite toys so they can be comfortable whilst mum works out. You are welcome to keep bub in their pram, bring them to be next to you, simply whatever makes the two  of you comfortable. We create a relaxed environment so you can hopefully feel as ease and get to move your body with us.



45 minutes

Our signature Sculpt Barre class provides a combination of Pilates, Ballet Barre and fitness routines for a full body workout.

SCULPT barre is the ultimate body sculpting workout incorporating bodyweight and props, allowing you to sweat, burn, tone, strengthen and stretch. You will leave feeling motivated, strong and with aches in all the right places.